The Presence of Absence

Saw this on a billboard, on the way home from a friends art exhibition. It got me thinking…..

How can there be a presence (The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing) of absence (The state of being away from a place or person)? Two conflicting things put into one phrase to describe one thing (anyone else’s brain slightly fried). I then was wondering what other contradicting phrases there are….I, at the moment (because it’s been a long day with little sleep = not thinking totally straight), can’t think of any.

Therefore I did what any intelligent person would have done… googled it! 😀

Here are a few oxymoron (posh word) that came up: new & improved; act naturally; pretty ugly; control your destiny; same difference; living dead; bittersweet etc etc etc

How people came up with them in the first place amazes me…my thought then went onto how the English language was made/created/started and how amazing the human race is. I will have to stop…all this thinking before bed when I have to get up early tomorrow (5 am!), is not a good think!

So not really much a point to this post…but it was something I saw, which as my blog is about, caused reflection!