About Me


I’m Moonwillow…..a nickname…..why- it’s a long story!

Anyways I’m a 24-year-old redhead, eldest of four redheads (I know right ..weird, especially since neither parent has red hair! Yep you saw that correct – neither parent!)

I’m a Christian, I believe in the God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which God uses in me for His will) and don’t care who knows!!!

Born in Bangor, Wales but moved to Manchester, England when aged 4….still class myself as welsh!

Love: God, family, friends, my dog rusty, my brother’s cat Gigi, music, piano, nature, photography, baking,  eating food, playing computer games, going for walks, giving babies cuddles, watching movies!

Hate: bananas, cheese (no joke), swearing (not the people who are swearing just the words coming out their mouths!), human trafficking & slavery!

I often think about things that I hear (mainly from music), read or see in my daily life. So I decided to blog about them…simple

Hope you enjoy…even if you don’t agree with everything I write about, as long as it makes you think!

God Bless



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