I joined pinterest today!

I joined Pinterest today.

I joined after months and months of seeing my friends add things they’ve pinned on Facebook. Things I’ve thought ‘that would be cool to do to/make‘.  I had, initially,  not wanted to join because I am a ‘member’ of so many different sharing/social sites, that I didn’t want to add another to the pile (like I had done joining this….I mean this is the first post I’ve done in a few months!!)

It’s weird to think how many things I’ve joined since social sites have become big.

First I joined Bebo back in the day, then went onto Myspace, then came Facebook and youtube. That’s not even including things like Hotmail and MSN. Then (in no particular order) twitter, Eye Em, Flickr, Blipfoto, WordPress, Skype and probably more I’ve probably forgotten.

Why have they become so big and so popular, and yet each brings something different or attract different people?

I mean it’s helped bring the world together, people can interact with each other from different countries. What an age we live in!

But is it healthy, is it safe to be revealing ourselves, our lives, our likes/dislikes, what we do, where we go, who we have relationships with, when we are happy and when we are sad (she says as she writes a blog about her wonderings!). The more sites we go on the more reveal of ourselves to the whole wide world, the more vulnerable we become to pain/negativity/abuse. Yet at the same time, it can help us reconnect with family, old friends, a desire for knowledge, a love of music, share a common interest with someone you would never have been friends with in the first place.

The more I think about it the more it’s harder to decipher whether or not communicating more with people online is affecting our ‘real life’ relationships, our relationships outside of the screen, away from the computer.

Since my head can’t make head or tail of this I make this my last sentence – whether for good or bad the only way to deal with it is embrace the social network sites and use it to move the human race forward (whatever that may involve!!)

Hope this has been an interesting read,

Moonwillow x


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